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Mostly crossposts from writing I do in other places. But if you can’t stand to miss a single thing I write anywhere, it’s all gathered here.

Should Small Cities Grow Faster?

For over a year, regional planners have wrestled over growth plans with six small cities that are planning to ‘grow too fast’. Last month, the PSRC Executive Board tabled a … Continue reading

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Eastside Park & Rides to Close for Link Construction

Two park & rides on the Eastside will close in early 2017 for East Link construction. The South Bellevue P&R, with current capacity of 519 cars, is expected to close later in … Continue reading

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Trouble on Paradise Lake

Some years ago, I lived in a residential community east of Woodinville. It’s a typical late 1970s subdivision with houses on acre-lots surrounded by tall trees; the kind of place … Continue reading

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Kirkland in ST3, and Beyond

The ST3 program is widely viewed as disappointing for Kirkland. The city wasn’t quite passed over: I-405 BRT will serve Totem Lake and NE 85th St in 2024, and rail … Continue reading

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Bellevue’s Transportation Levy

Bellevue has a progressive transportation levy on the ballot next month that will step up investments in neighborhood safety and connections. The levy augments baseline spending in Bellevue’s Capital Improvement Plan, … Continue reading

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Displacement is a Thing, Sometimes

Sightline had an interesting report recently about displacement of older (presumably more affordable) homes by new development. They looked at 19 apartment complexes built in Seattle (all of the 8+ unit developments the … Continue reading

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I-405 Tolls Fund More Highway Capacity

While they remain controversial politically, the HOT lanes on I-405 between Bellevue and Lynnwood are increasingly popular with transit users and the drivers who use the lanes. Higher than forecast driver … Continue reading

August 23, 2016 · Leave a comment